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Per la serie “dove finiscono i collegiali dopo il Collegio?” ho chiesto a Giuseppe Sollazzo di condividere con noi l’ultima uscita di una sua iniziativa…

Di chi stiamo parlando?
Dopo aver costantemente cercato casa durante i suoi 5 anni e mezzo in collegio, Giuseppe e’ emigrato a Londra dove e’ riuscito a scappare da un PhD in un tempo record di 6 mesi. Avendo saziato la sua sete di potere nel comfort che solo una posizione da Systems Administrator in una Medical School puo’ dare, soprattutto per un ipocondriaco, ha cominciato a dar sfogo al geek che e’ in lui.

Di che cosa stiamo parlando?
Come dice la presentazione, “Links. Design. Code. Literature. Films. Music. Books. Everything. In a geeky sauce.”. In sostanza, un modo per condividere gli aspetti piu’ beceri dell’essere geek. Con circa 25 lettori.

78: In Other News
“They are hugely intelligent people, they’re masters of Excel”

Everything we ever left on the moon
A falcon feather, bags of vomit, $200 in cash and much, much more: all the detritus humans have left on the moon over the years.
Fabulous infographic.

How Many People Does It Take to Colonize Another Star System?
More precisely, how many people do you need to send on a hypothetical interstellar mission to sustain sufficient genetic diversity?
Researchers found out that 10,000 is the very bare minimum, with 40,000 being the recommended size, and described how populations of different sizes would react to catastrophes.
(via Tom Watson)

Oculus, she wrote
“Jessica Fletcher travels to Silicon Valley where a high tech gaming company, Marathon Images, has had her author a script for their virtual reality murder mystery.”
“…Jessica hacks James’ computer…”

I have to watch this episode.
[Fans like me, look at F*** yeah Murder She Wrote (where you learn she wears VR-goggles, yes, she does)]

How to turn any system into a bank
Step one: we learn that a chatbot for organizing coffee orders became a bank.
Step two: we learn how Gamestop stores (a video-games chain) can be used for fee-free banking by pre-ordering, pre-paying, and cancelling orders.
Step three: profit.
(via Davide Tassinari)

If 2048 is not enough…
..try its variant called 9007199254740992.
Warning: it might take a somewhat *long* [1] time.
[1] at 0.1 seconds per tile, that’s approx. 285,000 centuries. Well begun is half done…

Quora: What is the evolutionary or biological purpose of having periods?
Normal mammalian pregnancy is a well-ordered affair because the mother is a despot. Her offspring live or die at her will; she controls their nutrient supply, and she can expel or reabsorb them any time. Human pregnancy, on the other hand, is run by committee – and not just any committee, but one whose members often have very different, competing interests and share only partial information. Read the rest.

New Car Smell
It’s always made me feel sick.
Now it looks like there might be a reason.

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